RevIVed Hydration FAQs


Hey everyone!

We get a lot of questions about IV Therapy and how it works here at RevIVed Hydration, so we thought we would compile all of our frequently asked questions into one spot to make things easier on you. Have a question that still hasn’t been answered? Feel free to comment on this post or email us at


Do you welcome walk in appointments?


Yes we do!  We actually prefer them.  We are here for your convenience and we know how annoying it can be scheduling appointments around someone else’s schedule.  Come in when you its right for YOU! For those who like that structure and schedule, we still got you covered.  Schedule online anytime you want and we will be here waiting for you!


Do you come to me?


We do offer concierge appointments, however, there will be a concierge fee of $50. Get a group of 4 or more and we will waive that fee. 


Can you come to my office/hotel?


If you are in our West Michigan or Traverse City service area then yes! We are more than happy to come to your work, home, hotel, gym – wherever is most convenient and comfortable to get your drip!


What if I am afraid of needles?


DON’T BE! – Our highly trained registered nurses are pros and have countless years of ER experience and are the best of the best at starting IV’s!  You can always let us know if you are a little weary of needles - we will help you feel as comfortable as possible.


Do I need to do any prep on my end?


No prep! Just make sure to take a look at our drips, boosters, and add-ons so you know what service will be best for you. If you are unsure what to choose, we are more than happy to recommend a drip or shot for you!


How long does it take?


Booster shots only take 5-10 minutes. A drip will take approximately 45minutes!


How often should I do IV Therapy for it to be most effective?


This really depends on your specific goals for IV Therapy, but we recommend getting a drip once or twice a month and booster shots at least twice a month. If you have a question about your specific needs, email us at


Does a nurse administer the IV?


Yes! The only person that will ever administer your IV or booster is a registered nurse with plenty of experience.


How much does it cost?


Our IV Drips and Boosters range in price. Our drips are anywhere from $129-$179 and our booster shots range from $20-$45. If you are new to RevIVed, you can get your first drip for 30% off (for in store use only) by subscribing to our newsletter.


Is there a benefit to getting an IV drip over a booster shot?


There definitely is.  The biggest difference is quantity/volume.  Booster shots are exactly what they sound like, a shot, and the biggest limitation with shots is volume.  It’s only recommended to get so much injected into a muscle before damage can occur.  Now, compared to one of our IV drips we can give you significantly more volume which equates to more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids compared to a booster shot so you can really get to feeling and performing your best!

So there you have it! We can’t wait to see you soon!

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