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Watching a loved one (or experiencing it yourself) battle a drug addiction, anxiety or burnout can be painful and confusing. Drug use actually changes the way a brain functions making quitting ‘cold turkey’ or with the best intentions almost impossible — even if the user wants to quit. Fortunately, through medical research, we’ve been able to find a way to safely and effectively quit and recover.


IV NAD Therapy and Treatment Works Directly on the Area of the Brain Affected & Quickly Restores Function

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+, is the active enzyme form of Vitamin B3 (niacin). This is a key enzyme in cell function and energy production as well as a neurotransmitter function and production. There is some evidence it acts directly as a neurotransmitter as well. In the process of addiction, the brain is depleted of neurotransmitters and neuronal dysfunction persist. This leads to the endless cycle of use and deterioration of day to day function. At this stage, the brain is largely incapable of participating in recovery or fighting substance abuse and abuse behaviors.

As the only service provider in the greater Charlotte area to provide personal IV hydration, we’re very excited to be one of the very few offices in North Carolina who now offer NAD+ treatments in the comfort of our Hydrate Medical clinic and spa.


Who is NAD For?

  • Those with severe anxiety

  • Those who want to get over burnout/fatigue

  • Those who wish to combat aging

  • Those who suffer from PTSD

  • Those who wish to stop being addicted to legal and illegal drugs

  • Those looking for an athletic boost


What Can You Expect from a NAD Treatment Infusion?

NAD is given as a high dose infusion protocol. IV infusion boosts serum levels far above oral supplementation. NAD+ stimulates the part of the brain greatly depressed by addiction and quickly restores function.

This decreases cravings and withdrawal symptoms and boosts brain function to better allow involvement in counseling and other therapies.

NAD+ is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment program and we can refer you if needed.

Our NAD+ compounds come from a highly reputable experienced pharmacy. They are combined with other high dose amino acids in custom packages dependent on the main drug/type of addiction. We will combine this with infusions of our specialized Vitamin infusion, Hydrate Recovery, which contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to continue to aid brain recovery and boost health and energy in the process.


What Results Can You Expect from a NAD Treatment?

Clients report a significant decrease in cravings often after the first treatment and minimal withdrawal symptoms. This greatly speeds up the recovery process!

From day one you should notice improving brain function and decreased cravings. Depending on your substance of abuse, you may develop some mild withdrawal symptoms. These should be tolerable and resolve by day 3 or 4. Day 1-3 will be conducted in a dark quiet room to allow relaxation and minimize outside stimulus. As you begin to feel better, you can move to one of our larger rooms and have more stimulus during the day.

You may experience some mild nasal stuffiness, congestion or general warmth during treatment. This is completely normal. If you develop a headache, chest tightness, upset stomach then us know so we can slow the drip rate. If you experience itching or shortness of breath, let us know immediately.

While we wish we could guarantee success, like all medical treatments, there is no guarantee. General long-term success rates are in the 75%-85% range. Highest success is with stopping all neuroactive substances (legal and illegal) on the day of treatment and never resuming use of these.

Having good long-term treatment/counseling can also boost recovery rates. We can refer you if needed.

If you start to feel an increase in cravings, please avoid the use and contact our office immediately to come in for a booster treatment. Usually, 1-3 days of half dose drips are all that is needed.


What’s the Process Like?

You’ll be in a comfortable room in our spa-like clinic under the care and supervision of an experienced RN extensively trained in NAD+ administration.

Treatment will continue for 10 full days and is needed for long-term healing and recovery. Certain clients with Benzo use history may have a particularly bad day around 4 or 5 feeling anxious and that treatment is not working. This is a common part of your brain healing. Hang in there and continue treatment.

Drinks and snacks are available as well as Wi-Fi. You may store food at our clinic and a microwave is also available. We can also help arrange food delivery service too.

How Does this Help with Anti-Aging?

Basically, as we age our NAD levels in the cells drop. Improving this intracellular level of NAD strengthens cells and prevents damage and further deterioration. And according to TIME magazine, we couldn’t get any closer to the fountain of youth.

How Does this Help with my Anxiety, PTSD and Burn-Out?

Much like addiction, the chronic feeling of anxiety, stress from PTSD and burn-out from working long hours day after day affects the brain. This depletes the parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and controlling focus. Boosting NAD through IV infusion helps restore these parts of the brain improving focus and aiding in restoring function to the emotional control part of the brain.