Who is NAD+ For?

  • Busy executives that need continuous high performance

  • Those with severe anxiety

  • Those who want to get over burnout/fatigue

  • Those who wish to combat aging

  • Those who suffer from PTSD

  • Those who wish to stop being addicted to legal and illegal drugs

  • Those looking for their highest possible athletic performance

What Can You Expect from a NAD+ Treatment Infusion?

NAD+ is given as a high dose infusion to give you the ultimate NAD+ experience that will create a biochemical reset for your mind and body. Our NAD+ compound comes from an FDA approved compounding pharmacy. They are administered over a period of 2-3 hours dependent on the capabilities of the individual. This treatment is then immediately followed up by an executive drip in order to provide immediate relief until the NAD+ treatment can take effect in the following hours and days.

By replenishing cellular levels of NAD+ via IV therapy, research has shown to repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation, and fight the oxidative processes that cause aging and disease. The intravenous NAD+ activates enzymes in the bloodstream called sirtuins which promote good aspects of your genes.


What Is The Treatment Like?

From day one you should notice improving cognitive function, athletic performance, and decreased cravings.

You may experience some mild nasal stuffiness, congestion, feelings of having a heavy chest, or general warmth during treatment. This is completely normal.

You’ll be in a comfortable room in our spa-like clinic under the care and supervision of an experienced RN extensively trained in NAD+ administration.

Drinks and snacks are available as well as Wi-Fi in a completely private and very comfortable room.

Who Can Benefit From NAD+ Therapy?

Quite literally anyone, and yes we mean that. While NAD+ therapy can be successfully utilized by those looking to stop craving and reverse addiction, the infusion therapy is most commonly used by individuals seeking higher cognitive function or athletic performance along with PTSD, anxiety, and burnout.

NAD+ serves as the main facilitator in ultimate brain renovation. This allows us to mentally reach higher than ever before, helping to overcome anxiety, depression, and many common mood and memory disorders. With optimal brain function, you can enhance every aspect of your life.



500mg NAD IV

2-4 Hour Infusion

Executive Drip Immediately Following ($100 Off If You Do Not Want An Executive Drip After)

Recommended Twice Weekly Until Optimal Results Are Achieved


25% off for veterans

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