Revived Hydration is the premier personal IV therapy service in Michigan and we’ll treat you like the hard working, deal making, barbell pressing mogul that you are. We’re dedicated to your health, respectful of your time, and focused on giving you the best service imaginable.

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Choose Your Location

Traverse City

Receive infusions and booster shots at your convenience by appointment. Feel free to set an appointment for our store front or book for concierge service.

Grand Rapids

Our Grand Rapids Location is newly opened on Wealthy Street! Come in and enjoy total relaxation while you get your mind and body revived! Concierge appointments available.


Know The Process


1. Find Your Drip or Booster

Choose your drip or booster shot. Whether you are interested in losing weight, enhancing your wellness, or recover faster, we have an option for you.


2. Walk In Or Schedule

Walk in or schedule online. We encourage walk-ins at our storefronts and allow concierge services to be booked over the phone.


3. Fill Out Waiver

Fill out our online waiver/health history questionnaire. If you schedule your appointment ahead of time you will receive a waiver via email. Please fill out waiver prior to appointment.


4. Registered Nurse Arrives

For concierge service only: An additional $50 fee is assessed as one of our registered nurses will arrive on time, ready to get you RevIVed with a great attitude.


5. Drip Is Administered

After a nurse has reviewed your health history and waiver, the vitamin and nutrient rich drip or booster shot will be administered. Plan for 30-45 mins for drips.

recover and revived with iv therapy

6. Stay Revived!

You are ready to take on the day! With a full dose of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and a fully hydrated body, you will be ready to work harder, focus more, and stay healthy without missing a beat.



Curious what IV therapy has to offer? Take a look. Our blog covers subjects like whether or not you should try IV therapy, who’s doing IV therapy, and how IV therapy can ease symptoms of cold and flu symptoms, GI bugs, migraines, hangovers, and much, much more. We even cover how to avoid getting sick during the cold and flu season! So go ahead, read up and get back to us, we look forward to helping you.



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Looking for a custom IV drip that’s made for just for you? We’ve got you covered. Many of our clients find their needs changing over time and are looking for specific solutions to their evolving lifestyle. Our registered nurses are well versed and trained in understanding your needs to help you create an IV drip that fits you. Please feel free to text us at our location based phone numbers listed below or direct message us on social media.